Squore Documentation


This edition of Squore documentation was released by Vector Informatik GmbH.

It is part of the user documentation of the Squore software product edited and distributed by Vector Informatik GmbH.

For information on how to use and configure Squore, the full suite of user guides includes:

User Guide

Target Audience

Squore Installation Prerequisites

New users before their first installation

Squore Installation and Administration Guide

IT personnel and Squore administrators

Squore Getting Started Guide

End users, new users wanting to discover Squore features

Squore Command Line Guide

Continuous Integration Managers

Squore Configuration Guide

Squore configuration maintainers, Quality Assurance personnel

Squore Reference Manual

End Users, Squore configuration maintainers

Squore API Guide

End Users, Continuous Integration Managers

Squore Software Analytics Handbook

End Users, Quality Assurance personnel

Contacting Vector Informatik GmbH support

If the information provided in this documentation is erroneous or inaccurate, or if you encounter problems during your installation, contact Vector Informatik GmbH support at support@vector.com.

You can also create an account on the Vector Customer Portal, if you do not already have one.

Getting the latest version of Squore documentation

The version of this documentation, included in your Squore installation, may have been updated. If you would like to check for updated user guides, consult the Vector Informatik GmbH documentation site to consult the latest Squore user guides at https://doc.squore.net/latest.

User guides are constantly updated and published as soon as they are available.